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To act as a catalyst and facilitator for individuals and organizations to develop their full potential, achieve greater success and make increased contribution to the nation by providing them education, training and consultancy through pioneering initiatives and appropriate management tools, techniques & values.

We believe that the growth of any organization is derived from the growth of the people who constitute it. Therefore, for any organization to succeed and progress, people development should be of paramount importance and a core value.

People development is based on inculcating and imparting requisite learning tools, techniques and values to the individuals, their teams and the organizations through education, training and consultancy.

The education, training and consultancy provided by us would be of the international standards but meant primarily for the local and national needs. For us, the essence of quality means consistent and continuous upgradation of people perspective (aptitude, attitude and awareness), skills (leadership and talent pool) and processes (systems and procedures) in the organizations.

To ensure that education, training and consultancy achieve the desired results these would be specific, relevant, timely, measurable/observable, result-oriented and as per the organizational requirements.

Our focus would be to infuse spirit of enterprise and develop people such that they are groomed to become either entrepreneurs (to set up and grow their own organizations) or intrapreneurs (to join and grow the employing organizations).

To introduce and conduct progressively in phases various
>> Education programmes of various durations as per the needs.
>> Professional development and training programmes for small scale industries owners, aspiring/new entrepreneurs and the employees & executives at all levels in various organizations
>> Societal benefit programmes for members of the public
>> Video-conferencing and web-based interactive & distance learning programmes
>> Seminars, conferences, conventions, exhibitions and workshops
>> Consultancy, case studies, research & development work
In the various areas of human endeavours and nation - building.
Aravali Gurukul Ashram
Aravali Nagar
National Highway - 25 (Old - 112)
Village Kaparda, Tehsil Bilara
Distt. Jodhpur 342 605
Rajasthan, India
Tel :  94133-19914 , 94133-19915
Fax :  0291-2707700
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