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To build the campus, in the year 2005 we had purchased 236 bighas (94.4 acres) of private extremely high salinity arid wasteland on National Highway - 25 (Old - 112) at Village Kaparda, Tehsil Bilara, District Jodhpur in Rajasthan on which nothing could grow, nothing could be constructed and there was no water in/around the said land. Since then, this land has been painstakingly transformed and it now has:
  • Three kilometers long six feet high boundary wall, with barbed wire fencing on the top.
  • 15 lakes, made through rain water harvesting, having capacity to store around 6 crore litres of water with fishes, frogs and even tortoises which have come to exist naturally inside these.
  • Two large bridges constituting the main rain water harvesting structures and three smaller rain water inlet structures.
  • Three large size lawns of 2.5 acres each, with solar lights on the periphery of each.
  • 28,000 sq. feet of constructed built up space housing the library, computer centres, classrooms, offices, guestrooms with attached bath rooms, electricity room, guard room, stores, etc.
  • A natural amphitheatre-cum-meditation centre, with capacity to seat around 2000 persons.
  • Around 10,000 plants and trees which have grown upto 20 feet.
  • Five smaller lawns.
  • Vegetables, some fruits and lentils grown organically.
  • A nursery for the plants' saplings development.
Added to the above are hosts of migratory birds visiting the lakes and truly memorable sunrise and sunset with reflections in the lakes. It is a serene place anybody would feel like just not leaving at all and sitting there for eternity.
The above transformation from barren saline arid wasteland to green campus has been seen and commended by several distinguished persons and experts from all over India and abroad, as a role model to solve many of our country's problems in a cost-effective manner.
This unique campus has the people from all over India and abroad visiting to witness transformation of extremely saline wasteland into green campus, environmental preservation, rain water harvesting, non-conventional energy usage, societal benefit programmes, various nation-building endeavours and also truly top quality education, with employability, empowerment and entrepreneurship as the defining themes.
View of one of the 15 lakes on our campus, Aravali Gurukul Ashram, with solar lights around it and Swiss tents perched on the adjacent huge 5 acres lawns for the stay of speakers and participants in an international conference organized by us, with the natural amphitheatre-cum-meditation centre for around 2000 persons in the distant background.
Aravali Gurukul Ashram
Aravali Nagar
National Highway - 25 (Old - 112)
Village Kaparda, Tehsil Bilara
Distt. Jodhpur 342 605
Rajasthan, India
Tel :  94133-19914 , 94133-19915
Fax :  0291-2707700
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