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Aravali was established and functions based on the following basic premises :

>> Education, by definition, is based on ethics. If you take away ethics then it is not education. Therefore, since inception, the Institute has the core values of ethics, merit, equality, integrity, quality and nation-building which are upheld without any compromise.
>> Ours is truly an institution for nation-building. This distinction arises from the belief that a student needs to develop expertise and passion for continuous learning in all major areas of human endeavours relevant and required for sustenance and growth of various kinds of organizations involved in nation-building like government, corporates, hospitals, schools, colleges & universities, scientific institutions, NGOs and so on.
>> Though ASIM is planned to be developed to benchmark as an institution of international standards in terms of faculty, facilities, infrastructure, pedagogy, admissions process and evaluation system but the nature, contents and structuring of the various courses and overall programme will be such that suited primarily for the local and national needs.
>> ASIM is not an elite institution but entirely a merit-based institution, having meritorious students from all sections of the society, by a rigorous admission process and having a suitable fee/scholarship structure. This emphasis arises from the fact that merit is not confined to the elite of the society alone but can be found in any strata of the society. We believe that the growth and progress of India, as a nation, can be truly accelerated and sustained only if suitable opportunity is provided for the development and manifestation of the talent wherever available, including in small towns and rural areas.
>> We inculcate spirit of enterprise and groom students to become either entrepreneurs (to set up and grow their own organizations) or intrapreneurs (to join and grow the employing organizations).
>> We have extensive but selective and strategic networking and partnerships with various institutions and organizations in India and abroad with whom Aravali visualises synergistic relationships.
>> The pedagogy is extensively through experiential, exposure and values-based learning with all kinds of organizations including industry, government and NGOs.
>> It is clear to us that we are in the education of business and not in the business of education. Therefore, all the savings and surpluses of the Institutes are mandatorily invested in their facilities and future growth.
Aravali Gurukul Ashram
Aravali Nagar
National Highway - 25 (Old - 112)
Village Kaparda, Tehsil Bilara
Distt. Jodhpur 342 605
Rajasthan, India
Tel :  94133-19914 , 94133-19915
Fax :  0291-2707700
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