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While having relocated to and became operational from our own campus effective 31 March 2012, our vision now is to shape up our campus, Aravali Gurukul Ashram, as a truly world-class educational complex on its around 100 acres land, envisioned to be a model of no compromise in an out of the way place like Jodhpur in Rajasthan, where the best of traditions would be blended with the latest in modernity, with the plans for the following in the near future :
Aravali Gurukul University, to offer top quality education in the various areas where the students from all over India and abroad will come to study. It will have international affiliations and exchanges as existing in IIMs, IITs and other top institutions and universities nationally and internationally.
Aravali Centre for Scientific Temper, which will include science museum, planetarium and a science park to remove superstitions and develop the reasoning amongst the masses, specially the rural population.
Aravali Gyan Jagriti Foundation, for providing the education for empowerment for the inclusive development and progress of Rajasthan, in particular and India, in general. It is meant for the disadvantaged sections of the society and rural population so that they are not exploited, add value to competencies in the areas of their interest, able to effectively utilize the opportunities available for them and make progress in their careers and lives. 
Aravali Gurukul School, for top quality 10+2 education, under Rajasthan Board especially for the children from the nearby villages and under CBSE for all.
This unique educational campus will have the people from all over India and abroad visiting to witness the transformation of extremely saline arid wasteland into green campus, environmental preservation, rain water harvesting, non-conventional energy usage, societal benefit programmes, various nation-building endeavours and also truly top quality education, with employability, empowerment and entrepreneurship as the defining themes.
Aravali Gurukul Ashram
Aravali Nagar
National Highway - 25 (Old - 112)
Village Kaparda, Tehsil Bilara
Distt. Jodhpur 342 605
Rajasthan, India
Tel :  94133-19914 , 94133-19915
Fax :  0291-2707700
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